New Walls around the world


Since the Berlin Wall is gone: New Walls all around the world every where
Sometimes they call this new wall: Green Line

Every wallmaker says: Please do not compare our wall with the Berlin Wall
Our wall is a good wall, but the Berlin Wall that was something bad.

Mexiko - USA Barriere

Belfast Peace Lines

Ceuta border fence

Melilla border fence

Moroccan Wall

Egypt–Gaza barrier

Israeli West Bank barrier

Cyprus dispute

United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus

West Berlin

Berliner Mauer

Hadrianswall (Die erste Mauer)

Baghdad Wall

Korean wall

Malaysia–Thailand border

Kuwait–Iraq barrier

Bulgarisch-türkische Grenze

India–Bangladesh border

Saudi–Yemen barrier

Iran–Pakistan barrier

Wall of Shame

Separation barrier

Liste von Städten mit Stadtmauer

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Wall of Shame 1 (USA)

Wall of Shame 2 (Israel)

Wall of Shame 3 (Berlin)

Wall of Shame 4 (USA)

Wall of Shame 5 (Berlin)

Wall of Shame 6 (Israel)

Wall of Shame 7 (Berlin)

Wall of Shame / Les Murs De La Honte (Complet 52 Minutes)